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Portrait of Pauline

Pauline Redding

Osteopathic Practitioner
Quadra Island, BC
You can reach me either by phone at (778) 513-4429, or email [email protected]

Pauline practices a soft and holistic osteopathy for adults and children of all ages.

Her passion for osteopathy stretches back to her teenage years when she first decided to become an osteopathic practitioner. Growing up in France, she studied osteopathy before opening her first practice in 2017. She opened a second practice in a ski resort in 2018.

Throughout her experience and post-graduate training, Pauline has worked with a wide range of patients. She has cared for many pregnant women, infants and children; as well as patients suffering from stress, burnout, depression, anxiety or PTSD. She volunteered for many years working weekly with people affected by cancer in a specialized clinic. Through her ski resort practice, she has worked with many athletes.

Following a move in 2022, Pauline now spends her time between Vancouver and Quadra Island in British Columbia where she now practices osteopathy full time.

Pauline is a Osteopathic Practitioner, member of OsteopathyBC and studied for 5 years at ISOsteo Lyon, France.

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